Riverwest DEA Update

We just got an update on the status of the Riverwest Dog Park. There has been a hold up with the land contract between the county and Johnson Controls with regards to language related to who will hold the liability. The county just sent back a final revised contact for JC to review. They hope things will move forward and JC will agree to their changes to the contract. Hopefully we’ll know more in a couple of weeks.
If it does move foward, the soonest a new dog park would open on that site would be Aug/Sept due to all the work to remediate the soil. We are told the bad soil would need to be removed, layer of clay would need to do down, then new soil brought in, and then finally, seed would go it. It takes a few weeks from seeding before the site could handle the traffic of a dog park.
ROMP will keep on following up every couple of weeks to see where things are at. If we get told it’s a “no go” due to the liability issues, we’ll share that as well.
The Parks Dept is still looking at another site to open in 2011 on the southwest side of the county. Everything is in a holding pattern due to elections not only on the county exec level but for local municipalities. Once the parks dept knows who all the players are, they can revisit the sites and plans with those elected officials and get sign off.
ROMP President
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