Runway DEA

Runway dog park will be closed due to Airport maintenance, April 4th and reopen at 6:15am on  April 5th. In case of bad weather – make up date will be April 6th.

Sorry for the minor inconvenience!  Play Safe!

Bay View DEA

We will have a landscape company doing some work in the SE corner of Bay View DEA beginning in mid April.  They will fence off the area in which they will be working.

Sorry for the minor inconvenience!  Play Safe!

Runway DEA Closure

Runway will be closed all day Nov. 8th and reopen at 6:30am on Nov 9th.

The airport is  doing work.

Their rain date is nov 9th.

Volunteers needed for the 5th Annual Barktoberfest, Saturday September 17th

Volunteers needed for the 5th Annual Barktoberfest, Saturday September 17th:


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