Spring has sprung

It is Spring and people will start using the dog parks more and more. Recovering from winter and preparing for Spring means a few things at the dog parks.

  • Make sure you are compliant and have purchased your permit. The permits are for calendar year so the earlier you but the more usage and worth you get from it. http://county.milwaukee.gov/Dogs9203/DogExerciseAreas/DEAPermitLocations.htm
  • The dog parks, like all parks, are natural areas. That means with the snow melting there will be mud. Be prepared. If you notice excessive areas that may need closing off to recuperate or even reseeding let us know, but let’s hope warm weather, rain, and sun will take care of most of it.
  • Melting snow can and will reveal the deeds of dogs from winter. Please as you see it pick it up. We are also trying to organize Spring cleanups for Earth Day just as many other parks are. If you are interested e-mail [email protected] or call 414,769.8806.

As dog owners and users of the parks we all need to have gratitude and pride that we have the ones we have, or we may not get more. Please do the right thing and help keep the parks clean for all.

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