Warnimont DEA Parking Lot Closed 10/24

This Sunday, the parking lot at Warnimont DEA will be closed so parks staff can repaint the parking lot lines. You will be able to park in front of Kelly Senior Center and still enter through the main gates of the DEA. The DEA will still remain open while work is being done however, it is important to keep your dogs on-leash until you actually enter the fenced in area since there will be trucks and other equipment out, not to mention paint they could in to.

This is a good time to remind everyone that your dogs should be leashed until they enter the fenced in areas - not just when work is being done. There is no reason to put your dog at risk, put another person in the position of having to deal with hitting your dog in a parking lot, or yourself having to deal with your dog being hit.

Please be safe and smart. You and your dogs are just a few feet away of off-leash fun. Don’t risk it!

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