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Appropriate Play Behaviors


(Items set up as links are available to purchase through PLUS Dog Park receives 15% of the price of the books)

Jean Donaldson - Culture Clash
Jean Donaldson - MINE!

Jean Donaldson - FIGHT!

Jean Donaldson - Dogs are from Neptune

Stanley Coren - How to Speak Dog

Patricia McConnell - The Other End of the Leash
Patricia McConnell - Beginning Family Dog Training

Patricia McConnell - Cautious Canine

Patricia McConnell - How to be Leader of the Pack and have your dog love you for it

Patricia McConnell - I'll be home soon

Trish King - Parenting Your Dog

Ian Dunbar - Before and After Getting your puppy

The Nature of Animal Healing : Martin Goldstein DVM



Whole Dog Journal - A Monthly Guide to Natural Dog Care & Training




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