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  Dog owners say proposed license fee boost is unfair  
  Waukesha - Dog owners in Waukesha County might be hit with a $2-a-year increase in license fees, as the county looks for a way to fund an animal services program that was nearly phased out last year.  
  Dogs Poisoned in Oregon  

(Portland, Oregon-AP) July 18, 2003
Dog owners in Portland, Oregon are on edge -- after the apparent poisonings of some dogs in the city.
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Eight dogs have died and eight others are sick, reportedly from eating poisoned sausage left in a local park. Veterinarians say autopsies indicate someone is lacing the meat with a herbicide.

The poisonings began shortly after the media reported fresh tensions surrounding the issue of keeping dogs on leashes in city parks.

Canine owners fear the culprit is someone who got sniffed one time too many by an unleashed pet -- and decided to take revenge. They're packing fund-raisers around the city to contribute to a reward for information leading to an arrest.

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