Granville DEA

11718 W. Good Hope Place

Granville Dog Exercise Area  – 11718 W. Good Hope Place

On the border of Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls, Milwaukee’s first dog park offers over 10 acres of terrain including grass-covered hills, open fields, woody trails and access to a river. This DEA is NOT fenced-in.


The River Revitalization Foundation, Milwaukee’s urban land trust, is working on plans to restore the Menomonee river bank at Granville DEA. This will involve work along the river banks to address riverbank stabilization, habitat restoration, invasive plant management, trail design, and river access and will include improvements to the park itself. As with all dog park projects, ROMP will be involved as a stakeholder in the project to be the voice of the park users and dog owners in Milwaukee County.

RRF has partnered with Milwaukee County Parks and Residents for Off-Leash Milwaukee Parks (ROMP) to host public
input sessions to talk about the project so that the user could get involved directly. The results of the sessions along with input by ROMP and Milwaukee County Parks has resulted in a plan to address current environmental problems at the park and at the same time make it better for the users.

Here are pictures of the current plans for resotration and improvements at the park. ROMP is excited to work with RRF so that all current and future Granville users get some upgrades which actually includes almost doubling the size of the park while leaving the current character. The project includes and a safer, better access to the river (not removing access as some may have feared or rumored) along with port-o-lets, better graded parking lot, and improved trails.


For details on the project please contact Theresa Morgan and visit


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